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Here's the link - www.myfuma.com Haven't seen any other reviews on this brand so I did one! I'm bad at video reviews so go easy when you rate and comment!! Here's the link - www.myfuma.com Video Rating: 5 / 5


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March 31, 2011

jstegall1able @ 1:32 am #

@skateboardingdad Adjust the cartridge it may be on too Tight.

jstegall1able @ 1:48 am #

If you have problems with the battery overheating, staying on or just not getting a puff but it is still lit Try adjusting the Cartridge. It may be on too Tight. After we found this out it went back to working fine.

checkk126 @ 2:36 am #

fuma is the greatest thing ever. i smoked a pack and a half of marlboro menthols a day and switched to one cartridge a day with no problems. the taste of a real cigarette is disgusting to me now. i have several family members who are using it and the only person who had a problem with it is my grandpa. he had two batteries stop charging on him and he shipped them to the factory and they shipped him new ones within a few days. i haven’t had any problems myself and its way cheaper than smoking

MrKevMan @ 2:37 am #

I started with the SS No.7 500.
I then used the FUMA and to me, its the best. I just wish i could find the disposible version in a rechargeable version.
Best hit. Good throat.

sirlordwhitman @ 2:46 am #

@hurldenise well my friend bought one not too long ago and it burned up yesterday. He said he
charged it with his cel phone charger in his car. Hmmm. I know a USB is a USB but I think these e-cig companies are making darn sure that their technology is only compatible with THEIR stuff. So I dunno. I’ve had both of my batteries for over two months and not one problem. Will keep fingers crossed I guess.

realdad32 @ 3:21 am #

Hey not trying to bash you but most people dont buy the pre filled carts anymore, they buy e liquid in bulk. and for that matter most people dont use those old style kits because you can buy single parts cheaper. Also new vapers need to know that there are alot of American companies that can keep you vaping better, cheaper, and imo safer. I vape like a research monkey for @ 10$ a week using good ole american technology.Dont waste your money on chinese crap just do some research.

hurldenise @ 3:35 am #

@skateboardingdad …Yes… I just got a Fuma… it lasted 2 days working perfect… then the same exact thing happened… with it getting hot and staying on, like burning up… too hot and nasty to hit. So I tried recharging it all the way, putting on a new cart… now it doesn’t work at all… the light comes on when you suck, then goes off after a few seconds… no more heat at all… I’m wondering if all the good reviews come from sellers

python1590 @ 4:29 am #

@togihill I just got a FUMA e-cig starter kit. I quickly found the cost of replacement cartriges a bit high. So I ordered 50ml bottles of e-liquid refill nicotine. You get about 150 refills for about $8.00. This is extremely cost effective. I am a complete fan of the e-cigs and have cut my cigar somking down to 1 or none per day. The reason for the 1 is durring recharging times which can take 1.5 hours.

sirlordwhitman @ 4:50 am #

@skateboardingdad ?? wow, sorry you had bad luck with the FUMA. I bought two kits for myself, and one kit for my wife and they’ve been great. The problems you describe are what I had with the first generation E-cigs.. like Njoy, and Smoking Anywhere.

skateboardingdad @ 5:41 am #

Fuma sucks 3 0f 5 broke on us after the first charge. if it wasn’t for that it would be the best out there.
after charging the light does not come on and the thing gets super hot when taking a hit. It seems like it is stuck on. will not shut off unless unscrew cart.
has anyone else had this prob? let us know

sirlordwhitman @ 6:37 am #

@Angel0282 Well, I really don’t mess with the liquid anymore. Too much of a bother and
would be even more so with this kind of a cartridge. You have to pop the end off with a paper clip, and remove the retainer thereby exposing the wool. But be careful not to get the liquid on the atomizer.

Angel0282 @ 7:36 am #

I got one for my uncle from Discount Drug Mart for about $35, so far he seen to be happy with it. HAVE YOU TRY TO REFILL THE CARTRIDGE? IF YOU HAVE, PLEASE SHOW HOW?

sirlordwhitman @ 8:34 am #

@wvdave1969 I know they’ve been around for at least a year. I’ve seen them at my local gas station for that long.. and they are great. Yesterday was the first day I’ve been smoke free. Been thinking about doing a follow-up review.

wvdave1969 @ 9:03 am #

Just bought the wife one a few weeks ago.
Seems to be a GREAT E-Cig for 39.00 bucks and a lifetime warranty! Its her first E-Cig, but she loves it and see no reason to even try others. I too wonder why there are not more reviews on the Fuma. Does anyone know how long they have been on the market? I was thinking maybe they are too new for many reviews as of yet. Could be wrong, but either way she loves it!!

togihill @ 9:43 am #

Great review. Show us more!

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