Vapor Smoking

Vapor smoking is the name for the new kind of smoking experience that users are discovering through the use of electronic smokeless cigarettes. These innovative products produce what looks like tobacco smoke, but it is merely water vapor and contains none of the harmful ingredients that are produced by a tobacco cigarette’s second hand smoke.

Vapor smoking also doesn’t require lighting up because the smokeless cigarettes don’t use fire. They are made of a flavor cylinder, electric battery, and atomizer, so a battery makes the product work and there is no danger of it catching anything on fire. A smoker just inhales on the cylinder and the battery activates the flavor cartridge and produces the flavor, feel and texture of a regular cigarette.

Vapor smoking comes in several levels of nicotine too, even down to zero levels so you can even use them to stop smoking since you can gradually get down to zero levels and still have the tactile feel of a tobacco cigarette. You can even find them in flavors other than tobacco like cherry, mint, vanilla and more. They are also very eco-friendly since there is no flame and no second hand smoke
Plus, you enjoy vapor smoking anywhere you like, even where tobacco smoking is not allowed. Since they don’t produce the noxious, bad chemicals or dirty tar, ashes or butts, they don’t cause problems like regular cigarettes and are therefore welcome where tobacco cigarettes aren’t.

One of the best known brands of these e-cigarettes is Blu Cigs. These are a brand that is all USA made and comes in a starter pack with two batteries and five of their flavor cartridges in whatever of their flavors you like. They are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes too and give the user 250 puffs for each flavor cartridge. And just like any of the vapor smoking products, you can enjoy the great smooth taste of Blu Cigs anywhere you like.

All in all, vapor smoking is one of the best ways to help the environment and stop the spread of noxious cigarette smoke, yet remain a smoker with the smoking experience that you love. Just take a few moments to order some of these fine e-cigarettes today from Blu Cigs and you won’t regret the decision as you will discover a new love of the smoking experience.

Safety, taste, feel and the ability to do what you love where you want to do it, what could be better? Vapor smoking is the new freedom for smokers everywhere.  For more information about the vapor cigarettes starter kits click here.