Easy Roller Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine – 8 Unhealthy Facts About Smoking


Easy Roller Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine - 8 Unhealthy Facts About Smoking

Easy Roller Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

You would have to be living on the moon not to know that smoking cigarettes are bad for your health. However, for some people who continue to smoke or for people who are thinking about smoking the following facts about how this habit can damage your health should help you to change your mind.

Fact 1
Smoking restricts the blood vessels. This can cause the blood to flow less effectively through the body to deliver much needed nutrients. It also restricts the amount of oxygen reaching the skin. Long term smokers have bad skin. The damage caused by smoking can make a smoker look ten years older or more compared to a person of the same age who does not smoke.

Fact 2
Smoking damages the lungs. Users can have difficulty breathing properly because smoke swells and narrows the airways. It lines them with a sticky mucus and phlegm. That is why it is common to hear a smoker with a wheezy cough.

Fact 3
50 % of long term smokers will die due to using cigarettes.

Fact 4
The tobacco used to make cigarettes contains over 4000 chemicals and over 60 of these chemicals can be linked to causing cancer. Easy Roller Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

Fact 5
Smoking is an addiction like any drug. As well as a physical, smoking is a psychological addiction. This is why smokers find it very difficult to give up. To help them they need to rely on nicotine aids that substitute the cravings from smoking cigarettes. Sometimes these help however, for many the cravings become too much and they give in.

Fact 6
90 % of all lung cancers are caused by smoking.

Fact 7
Although, cigarettes receive the worst press about the damage they do other types of tobacco are just as bad. Whether it is the tobacco used for rolling cigarettes, the chewing variety or the sweet smelling shag for smoking the pipe, all tobacco can damage your health.

Fact 8
Although smoking use to look cool it will not help you attract the opposite sex, especially if they are a healthy non smoker. They will be able to smell you a mile off because your clothes will be reeking of smoke. Even if you manage to get close enough your bad breath or stained teeth will put the sword to any kind of romantic interlude.

There you go. The next time you feel the need to light up or if you are thinking it must be cool to smoke because all my friends do, then read through these facts and think again. Do you really want to do that to your body? Easy Roller Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

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