Vapor Cigarettes and Vapor Smoking

One of the hottest and newest trends in today’s marketplace for smokers is vapor smoking. It involves the use of an electronic cigarettes that gives smokers the same relief from nicotine cravings, but without all the smelly and offensive poison-filled smoke Instead, they give off a vapor that is harmless to the air when it is produced through the pen-like cylinder. It gives smokers the great things they enjoy about smoking with no harmful side effects like second hand smoke.  Vapor smoking cigarettes can be smoked even at restaurants or airports.

These amazing products are made with a pen style cylinder, a lithium battery that has a micro-electric circuit, an atomizing chamber and a red LED light at the end. All you have to do is take a puff, activate the atomizer and breathe in the taste. Smokers also save money because the battery is rechargeable the cylinder that holds the nicotine, water, and flavoring can be refilled. The vapor put out by vapor cigarettes isn’t real smoke, it just simulates it. It is like the fake smoke that fog machines produce, so it dissipates rapidly and people around you almost never even see the vapor, let alone smell it. Another great benefit is that you can actually use them to help you to stop smoking. Just gradually cut back by using the types with less or even no nicotine in the flavor cartridge mix.

One of the companies that make vapor cigarettes is Blu Cigs. Blu Cigs gives smokers their famous Blu favor cartridges that mix the atomizer and the flavor cartridge all in one, which makes them the smokeless cigarette with the best experience and all the best flavors. Besides tobacco you can get them in cherry crush, java jolt, and magnificent menthol. It’s made in the U.S.A. with 100 percent American ingredients and you get more than 250 puffs per cartridge. Blu is also propylene glycol-free, which is a chemical most other vapor cigarettes you can buy have that science isn’t sure is safe, so it’s actually even safer than some of the other electronic cigarettes brands.

The bottom line is that vapor smoking makes a great alternative to smoking regular cigarettes for several reasons from safety to taste and beyond. You can feel good about using an eco-friendly product that helps to keep the Earth’s atmosphere free of harmful chemicals while you still get the taste and feel of a real smoking experience every time you puff on a Blu Cigs cartridge.

Their “Starter Kit” is EVERYTHING you need to start enjoying vapor smoking.  One of the incredible features of the Blu is the charging system.   Other electronic cigarette systems give you one or two chargers which limit where you can recharge your e-cigarette because you need an electrical outlet.  With Blu, you get a hard-pack carrying case for your electronic cigarette which also doubles as a portable charger.  It can recharge your battery up to six times while on the go!  No cords, no plugs, no looking for an outlet. Click here to find out how to get your blu starter kit.